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Wines of the Week

Discover a variety of new flavors and hidden gems with our weekly wine picks, thoughtfully curated by our team. These wines are carefully selected for you to explore and enjoy. Be sure to stop by the shop to grab a bottle, or two!

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Wines of the week 10/5

"We’re recapturing something nearly lost: a winemaking culture of patience."- Martha Stoumen

Martha Stoumen, Post Flirtation White 2021

Our wines this week are all born from the brilliant mind of Martha Stoumen. They truly encapsulate the flavor and spirit of California, a study in winemaking, that demonstrates that there is way more to the state and its viticulture than the old guard of Napa and Sonoma. First up is her Post Flirtation White. A fun and floral blend of Marsanne, Rousanne, Vermentino, and Muscat Blanc. Stainless steel fermentation and aging preserve the youthful freshness of the grapes. Super bright citrus and energetic acidity meet a minerality that transcends into a refreshing salinity. This wine plays well with foods with a brightness (and spiciness) to match, especially the flavors of Mexico and South East Asia. Just because summer is gone doesn’t mean the fun has to stop!

Martha Stoumen, Post Flirtation Rose 2021

Only made in years that show the perfect conditions, the 2021 vintage saw a return of the Post Flirtation Rose. Comprised of mostly Zinfandel with a bit of Vermentino, is a perfect bottle for a warm fall Sunday afternoon. Watermelon entices the nose while notes of lemon curd, acacia, and prickly pear dance on the palate. Fermented and aged in neutral oak barrels to lend a depth that other roses lack. Like all of her wines, indigenous yeasts get the party started and give this juice a true sense of place. Crisp and dry with balanced acidity to draw you in while a lengthy and precise finish gives you something to ponder (perhaps opening another bottle?) after you empty your glass. Open one up and get yo brunch on!

Martha Stoumen Benchlands 2021

The first two wines have your day drinking needs covered, but this last one is for when the sun goes down. A tribute to the terroir of Mendocino’s Benchlands, Stouman’s Benchlands Red is an intriguing mix of Zinfandel, Petite Syrah, Nero d’Avola, Carignan, Valdiguie, and Colombard. Like the rose, this is fermented and aged in neutral oak, providing a bit of oxygen and tempering the fruit profile into a deeper and rounded form. Flavors of black cherry, citrus, warm spices, and sarsaparilla give this wine a grown-up cherry cola vibe. Balanced tannins provide structure without dominating, becoming astringent. We recommend dropping her down a few degrees, so pop a bottle in the fridge, throw dinner on the grill, and enjoy!

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